Community Events

Morton has a unique set of skills. He has been involved in numerous community events and acted as chairman in many. From small community sports and arts events to acting as Assistant to the General Manager of North America’s largest amateur sporting event for two years with more than 16,000 participants and 2000 volunteers. He has produced four international sculpture symposia after even Alberta’s largest cities felt it would be an overwhelming task. If your town or city, company or institution is interested in hosting a symposium, creating a sculpture park or producing an art show it will be an advantage to have Morton involved as a consultant or an active member of your committee. He can provide you with many ideas for events or activities to include with your event and help you develop a stepbystep plan to ensure your success.  

Morton has Chaired the following events/projects and has been involved in many many others as a committee member or participant.  

  • Bergen Rocks 2008 (Sculpture symposium) 
  • Bergen Rocks 2009 (Sculpture symposium) 
  • Bergen Rocks 2010 (Sculpture symposium) 
  • Bergen Rocks 2011 (Sculpture symposium)  
  • Olds Sculpture Pathway (2019-present) 
  • Okotoks Professional Rodeo  (1993) 
  • Okotoks Professional Rodeo (1994)  
  • Earth, Wood and Fire…… (Art Show)  
  • Okotoks Sports Days (Sports festival)  
  • Elements in Ice  (Art Festival) 
  • Ice, Wood and Fire……. (Art Festival)  
  • Okotoks Art Calendar (Community project) 
  • Earth, Wood and Fire…… (Art show) 


You may be interested in having a piece of my work for yourself or your community. I can create a piece for you in scales from garden art to monumental sculpture on a commissioned basis. My works that are suitable for indoor exhibit are offered for sale on an “as available” basis, and can be viewed in the gallery at the Bergen Sculpture Park.  

If you have an idea of what you might be interested in I can work up a sketch or model of something representing your concept. Although the design will be of my hand I encourages clients to give their input throughout the design process, it’s fulfilling to me to feel that I am meeting the desires of my clients, that the finished works are something both the client and I can take pride in.  

Alternatively, you might rather have a piece that is entirely of my design and interpretation, something that is totally my creation from design through to the final realization of the finished sculpture. You might find something you’d like in my sketch book, something that has never been created in 3D from any material before.  

Whatever your interest is, feel free to contact me to explore your opportunity to acquire one of my sculptures. From as small as 500 lbs to more than 10 tons, it is always an honor for me to create a sculpture specially for a collector.  


Gurgler fountains starting at $600 

Gurgler Fountains have become very popular. Rather than spraying water they simply pump water out the top and it floods over the whole stone, running down to the catch basin where it is pumped back over the stone again. They are discreet but mesmerizing and soothing, it’s surprising how far the sound of the running water carries. Most gurgler fountains are made from a plain stone, I use cut off pieces from sculpture stones, the big smooth surfaces made by the saw are polished like glass. Imagine a marble fountain with highly polished surfaces in your garden or yard, they are not available anywhere else.  


The very nature of a headstone is personal, what could be more personal than having a headstone created by hand specially for a loved one or for yourself? I apply my design and creation skills meaningfully for clients that really want something unique and special. 

Contact Morton to discuss materials and your design ideas, a headstone he created in 2020 is pictured below along with a short explanation of the creation process.  


Initially the client told me that he wanted a headstone that I would design but it should incorporate some features that were special to the deceased.  I worked with these concepts and came up with several rough models. After meeting with the client we decided on this design that would have a heart shaped hole representing the hole her passing left in his heart and feather on the front, a ladybug on the back and rough edges to create a connection to the earth. 

I placed the heart and hole to one side to avoid the symmetry that is typical in headstones. The large, smooth, surface provided space for lettering. 

The back also had the family name and, at the top and, their brand They loved to ride horses in the back country. Another request was for two small vaults for some of her ashes and her husbands when he would pass. My design was for custom made caps for these spaces, one with a butterfly etched on it and the other a feather.  

Funeral Urns

My hand made funeral urns are created from multiple types of wood, as no two pieces of wood are the same each one is unique, I have made several different styles over the years but this is the one I’ve settled on. Each layer is laminated to the one below with a unique keyed interlock that will ensure the two pieces will never delaminate as can happen with glued wood joints. It appears that there is a lid on top but this is an illusion, the lid is an integral part of the vessel. Remains are placed in the urn through the removable bottom which is then secured with screws. Urns are made in two sizes, 1 person and 2 person for couple who wish to be placed together with their loved one. I once made a very large one, a family urn that was ordered from England. The family had the idea of putting some ashes from everyone in the family who passed.   


Single person funeral urns  $400 

Two person funeral urns  $600 


Pet Urns 

These pet Urns are suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats or similar sized pets.  


Pet urns $150 


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