Global Sculpture Conference 2008

In the spring of 2008 I was invited to represent Canada at the global sculpture conference at Chang Chun, China in the fall. What an honor!  The conference started immediately after Bergen Rocks was finished, I had to leave the day after the closing ceremonies. So it was a rush but well worthwhile. More than 200 sculptors and sculptress’ from around the world attended.  


The Event

Throughout the 4 day conference sculptors from around the globe were making presentations in a couple of different venues. It was very cool, there were headphones at each seat so if you didn’t speak the language of the presenter you could listen in your choice of several languages. 

Everything was provided for delegates, meals, beautiful hotel rooms. Everyone had their own interpretor too. In the morning when we went to the lobby the interpreters were lined up in front of the elevator, they picked you out and accompanied you for the rest of the day, meeting you in front of the elevator again the next morning. Although the time was short many lasting friendships were made, I still stay in touch with several people I met there.  

My interpreter, Rose, and I with a granite sculpture that I thought was awesome.  

Sculpture Park

Chang Chun is home to the world’s largest sculpture park. In 2008 it boasted more than 500 monumental sculptures around a beautiful park of approx 160 acres. When I say monumental…..some of the sculptures are absolutely huge. A pond in the center of the park has a 200 ft tall sculpture with figures spiraling up to the top, large bronzes that represent all of the continents surround it at the base.  

I think this is Beethoven, its bronze.  Do you think he decomposed after he died? 

The Museum

Not a big surprise that Chang Chun is also home to the worlds largest Sculpture Museum, 130,000 sq feet.  With the park, the museum and the presentations, four days was far too short a time to take it all in but I did a whirlwind tour of the venues and snapped photos as I went. I was tickled to exhibit one of my works there during the conference.  

In the evening of the fourth day a gala closing ceremony was held, typically these are very fancy and Chang Chun didn’t disappoint.  

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